Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Be glad and rejoice; for the Lord will do great things." Joel 2:21

Top 5 Favorites this Summer
5. Tractor Pull
4. Took the Restoration Academy "Swim Team" to the lake
3. Baron's Game on the 4th of July
2. Tea Party with the girls at Mrs. Rosemarie's
1. My Birthday at the Lake!!

Lots of new changes in our world!! First of all, I resigned at Brookwood Baptist (BooHoo)! This fall I will teach Kindergarten at Shades Mountain Christian School- which is like coming home, since that is where I did my student teaching and the first three years of my career!! Will will start first grade and Francie will be in K-3. I am more nervous about them changing schools and adjusting,than I am about me starting a new class. I love the school,though!! It will be great having both of my kids at school with me. Since I am not a stay at home mom, it is the next best thing! I am sure Will will miss going to school with his daddy! Last year was such a blessing and a real special time for Will!! For me I am glad to get to reunite with my friend, Melissa. I am praying that this will be a wonderful year!! However, I will miss my friends at Brookwood Baptist sooooo much! I love them dearly, they have truly taught me what friendship is all about!!

Alright, there is only a couple of more weeks til school starts!! This summer has flown by sooooo fast! I thought that when I went back to school the "summer" would be over- well far from it we have been so busy, mostly, having fun!! These are some pictures of my favorite things about this summer!!


Trace Car Driver said...

FINALLY!!! a new blog :) i loved the pics... and i am glad to hear the updates about work/school and such. i know the kids will adjust to things quickly, they always do! and i bet you are sad to be leaving your familiar school but there will be lots of advantages to being where the kids are! hope you enjoy the rest of "summer!" for me, summer is just hot hot weather, but we cherish weekends since nate and i both work every day. the kids are growing wayyy too fast! hope to see ya'll soon!

Dollar General said...

You may be sad but I'm ECSTATIC!! I can't wait for the boys to finally go to school together...it has been my "dream" since they were born and it wasn't easy getting Jason to realize that teaching High School was a good thing! YAY! I've been wanting to tell...I'm so happy! AND, Francie and Anna will have so much fun too! I'm so thankful you are here in Birmingham and not in MS missing out on all this good family bonding going on! Our kids will always remember these sweet days of growing up so close together!

seabird said...

You look so pretty in that black dress:) Sounds like your summer was exciting! Can you believe we have had to wear jackets part of our summer:( I miss the south sometimes.
Love the pics.