Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Birthday Party!!

On Saturday we had a birthday party for Francie at Spots & Dots (it's a little toy store in Brookwood Village)! It was a baby doll party! Five of Francie's closest friends came and the girls each "adopted" a Middleton baby doll! It was so cute! The girls promised to take good care of their babies- take them places, sing the lullabies, keep them dressed, change their diapers. They were all very serious about the adoption. Then, they gave their babies their first check-up! They had little doctor coats and stethescopes! After the "adoption" and "check-up" we had cupcakes in the food court! This was one of my favorite parties- it was so sweet and girly!!

The ladies doing the party were great! We didn't have to do anything! It was nice! *Easy as pie!! I would highly recommmend them to anyone! We may even do another party there next year! :)
Thank you friends and family for making this such a special day! You are all so great! We are blessed to have you all!!


beth spray said...

what fun! looks like they all enjoyed it!! francie is adorable!!

Dollar General said...

That was so fun! I see all the babies there...baby Francie, Sarah, Princess, Sissy...We love our baby - she just spent the night with Granny!

Happy Birthday to Francie - WE LOVE YOU!!

Trace Car Driver said...

looks like ya'll had a great time. i wouldn't know where to begin in planning such a girly party - ha. you did great though. Happy Birthday Francie!