Thursday, June 26, 2008

Boo Hoo!!

I started back to work this week after 3 short weeks of summer vacation!! I don't want to complain because I am so grateful to have had even this much time off. It has been five years since I have had a "summer"! I already miss sleeping in til 9:00,having no schedule, and spending quality time with Will and Francie!! It has been so nice to focus on them instead of on everyone else's children!
This has been a well-needed break! We had a blast!! We had fun with our cousins and friends- and tried to make the most of the time off! We went on a weekend trip to Florence-which was amazing! We visited a friend and we went to a tractor pull,a children's museum, fountains you can play in, a park with a train, and we saw the lions at the University of North Alabama (they are the mascots and on campus is a lion habitat- it is awesome)!!! We also met friends to swim with and our cousins to jump it up and play in the sprinklers! I will cherish this time with my children forever!
I am trying to remember that SUMMER IS NOT OVER YET! There is still fun to be had before school starts again!!


Dollar General said...

I hate you are back at work too!! We had a blast with y'all! There is more fun to up BARONS GAME! YAY!!

Trace Car Driver said...

i hate your break is over... but yeah, at least you got a small one!! love the pics, sounds like ya'll had fun on the little get-a-way! hope to see ya'll soon!!

seabird said...

Hi Selina! I love your pics! Your family is so stinkin' cute. I'm so glad that you started a blog. I miss you. Hope you don't mind, I added you as a friend on my blog. Hope that your summer is going wonderfully!