Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!!

"...and the glory of the children is their father." Proverbs 17:6

This Father's Day was sooo much fun!! Dad and Mom, Page and Jason, Noah, Anna, and Mary, and my Grandparents from Huntsville came to my house!! We grilled hamburgers and hotdogs! We had my mom's baked beans (the best ever) and banana pudding (my great aunt's recipe-also the best ever)!! It was great food and great company. I love to visit with everyone. It was such a beautiful day!! The kids had an awesome time. They played out back in the Elmo sprinkler!!

It really couldn't have been a better day -which is perfect to celebrate my wonderful father and the most perfect father of my children!! I am truly blessed to have these two men in my life!! Thank you Dad for being such an encouraging and nurturing Dad. Thank you Clint for being the best Dad ever to our children!! I love to watch you play, love, and care for Will and Francie!! They love you sooo much and so do I!!!


Dollar General said...

It doesn't hurt to be Dad's favorite...does it! HA!

We had a blast too...I sent you my pictures...now send me yours! I love the one of Dad with the girls...and your picture of Francie and Anna is cuter than mine!

I'm ready for another wild day with you Cvachos!

Trace Car Driver said...

how fun!!! love the pics, esp the kids playing in the sprinkler. maybe we can all get together on the 4th and celebrate... we would love to come over, i know nate wants to see the house. ok. so i just invited myself - opps :) thanks for the congrats, we are so excited too!! the whitts keep multiplying!