Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trunk or Treat!!

Our church did their very first Trunk or Treat this year!! We also still had the normal games, bouncy houses, pony rides, cookout and friends!! We had a blast!! There were some really cool decorated cars!! The kids had the best time!! :) I hope the church does this again next year!!

*Will on the Motorcycle!!

*The Mystery Machine!!

*The Waffle House!!

*Our Small Group had the "Emergency Room" Booth this year! It was hilarious!! All the kids were getting bandages for a multitude of wounds complete with blood! Ha! This is Will, he had a shark bite!! :)

*One of our friends came as Rapunzel and her husband was Flynn Rider!! They looked great!! Francie just had to get her picture made with Rapunzel!!

*Rapunzel's Tower!! :)

*Francie and Flynn Rider!! :)

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Dollar General said...

Wow, Flynn Rider looks just like Flynn Rider! That's cool. I might have to have my picture with him too!!