Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm In the Mood for Love!!

I am so glad January is over! I mean nothing terribly bad happened or anything- it's just we're closer to the end of winter!! I am really NOT a winter gal! There are just too many clouds and not enough sunshine!! The sunshine helps my mood and my outlook on life! Also, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Valentine's, not just the day, everything!! The red and pink cards, flowers, balloons, shirts, shoes, plates, cups, napkins, dish and hand towels, welcome mats, rugs, and I love the chocolate candy and hearts and jewelry and sweetness and hugs and kisses and romance! I love it all!! As I was getting a little too excited about February I realized that this Valentine's Day will be mine and Clint's fourteenth one we've celebrated together!! I cannot believe it!! And I am amazed that the time has gone by so fast, but I am without a doubt the luckiest girl to have my true love, my real- life Prince Charming everyday! I remember our very first Valentine's Day together and also, one where we started the tradition of driving to the beach to eat at Captain Dave's and watch the sunset!! Whether we go extravagant or simple it's still as magical and special as when we were 19 years old and falling in love! We've had so many, many perfectly wonderful times together! So I pulled out some old pics of us dating!! They aren't real great, these are just pictures of pictures (back then we didn't have digital stuff)!!

Wow!! This one is FOREVER ago!! Me and my sweetheart!!

Happy February!!!


Dollar General said...

I love that second one...it's always been one of my favorites! And the one before that WOW...MOVIE THEATER DAYS!! WHOO HOO!! Where's one of me and Aaron?!? ha ha ha!! That would probably be horrible - don't show me if you have one!!

Enjoy February!!

"Here comes the sun and I'll say...It's alright!"

michelle said...

Aw, love your pictures! I LOVE February too. It's my favorite time of the year!

Beth said...

Beautiful.... the pictures and words were a joy to see and read... :O) Enjoyed your blog very much. Iflorist.co.uk

seabird said...

How cute are you two??? I love that you have spent FOURTEEN Valentine's together. You two make me believe in love:0)

(I also can't wait until winter is over!!! Yuck!)