Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bud's Best Cookies!

I meant to post this earlier but we have had the CRAZIEST week ever! I was sick- Oh so very sick with the throw up virus and then Francie got it too!! Poor thing! It was one of the busier weeks at school too, with Teddy Bear Sleepover and our Valentine's Party!! Francie missed the Teddy Bear Sleepover!! She'll have next year though, I just feel bad because she also was sick on the 100th day of school celebration! She has missed all the fun days of school!
We did make it to her field trip Monday before all the yucky tummy trouble! Her class went to Bud's Best Cookie Factory!! It was soooo fun!! We rode a little train through the factory and we got to eat warm nilla wafers!! It was great! My favorite part has to be the lovely hairnets we got to wear! Ha! :)

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