Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nap Time!!

The other day I walked in Francie's room and found this:

Francie has always loved to play with her "babies"! Her favorite thing to do is to lay them on their "nappers" and have them rest! I guess nap time has made an impact on her! She'll turn off her light and shut her door!! She'll ask all of us to be quiet so her babies can nap!! It is so cute!! I love her!! She is a sweet little momma!!


Dollar General said...

That's adorable! She looks like a little "Mrs Reeves"

seabird said...

Selina, what a cutie Francie is. And Will shaving..that was funny:)I love looking at your family photos. Congratulations on your job! Hope the school year is a great one for all of you!