Monday, August 27, 2012

The First Week Plus More Pregnancy Notes...

Well, bad idea to start blogging again on the first week of school!! We were so busy!! But I'd like to keep on a roll- so here goes...

I can't believe it my sweet girl is already in First Grade -I feel like she has been waiting for this year for her whole life!! She is always so happy to go back to school in the fall~ she loves school and that makes her teacher mommy so happy!! :)

Francie is in Mrs. Sims class

First grade has desks!! ;)

Will at his big first grader desk!! ;)

FLASHBACK.... Francie going into K4 :)

Well Will is in FIFTH GRADE!! OMG!!! Next year he will be a middle schooler!! That just breaks my heart!! He's so grownie!! This year is going to be so great for him though!! They change classes and he will be in the band!! :) He is more excited now that school has actually started!! Poor thing though, he ended up with strep and has missed three days!! Boo!!

*****Pregnacy Notes*****

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