Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This year was one of the BEST Halloweens we've had in years!! I think I may say that every year ~but last year I KNOW I didn't because we missed my sister and her family!! :) She and Jason and the cousins were all there this time -we even had Delilah and her kiddos come!! I want to send a special shout out to my parents ~THANK YOU MOM & DAD!! YOU ARE THE BEST!! AND YOU GIVE ONE HECK OF A PARTY!! Really, my Mom goes overboard ~we have a delicious menu (which you know is very high on my priority list) we have chili, hamburger dip, ranch dip, mummy dogs, cupcakes, rice krispie treats, brownies, and some new item... white chocolate toffee?! We hung out with family and friends who are like family!! It is always fun to see how cute everyone is in their costumes and watch them play and enjoy this childhood holiday!! This year was extra great too, because the kids are big enough to trick or treat on their own!! I mean, we walk with them, but they can go up the porches and knock and they already know the whole routine, which made it nice on the mommies and daddies!! Not to mention -this year was beautiful and the perfect temp.!! Some years it's like if we have a kind of warm and woolley costume then it's burning outside and the kids are screaming, and some years we have a chilly costume and it's freezing outside and the kids are screaming!! This year was perfect!! No one was even screaming!! ;) I have one billion jillion pictures so I'll post my favorites!! I think maybe I forgot to share what we were dressing up as this year ~Will was a Bears NFL Football player and Francie was Strawberry Shortcake!! I was so excited too, because when I was little I was Strawberry Shortcake!! ;)

There were waaaayyy more children than there have ever been!! So fun!!

Me and Tiff with the girls!! Morgan, a Littlest Pet Shop bunny and Francie, Strawberry Shortcake!! Too Cute!!

Mary is a kitty and Wyatt is a pirate!!

Tom Cruise in "Top Gun" and Jay Cutler!

It was a lot of fun -I must say though that I'm glad that's over!! I'm ready for Christmas and I can't even believe I'm saying that, but I am!!


Trace Car Driver said...

HOW FUN! the kids are adorable- francie is the perfect SS! and your mom DOES go way overboard... i LOVE her party food. the new snack sounds yummy, but puppy chow is always one of my favs! did she make that? :)
amen to being ready for christmas- it's my fav!!
love ya!

Silena Cvacho said...

Jamie, Yes, Mom made puppy chow!! I always forget about it because it's not one of my favorites ~she makes it for everything though!! I am sure gonna miss you guys at Thanksgiving!! :( I guess I won't see ya til Easter -Wow! That sounds bad, but I know ya'll don't go Christmas!! It would be nice to get together before next year!! Love ya!!