Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Blessings!

I always dread December, I am not a Scrooge, it's just usually this month finds us on the brink of financial ruin and I always get worried about how everything will come together!! God is so faithful, though!! He knows what he is doing and He has planned it all out, even when I haven't! We were showered with more blessings than I can believe!! He went beyond the imaginable for us and I am extremely humbled and thankful!!

An amazing blessing in December was that Clint and I celebrated 10 years of marriage!! We had a really special anniversary- complete with jewelry (for me)and a couples massage!! It was so wonderful!!

December 11, 1999


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Christy D said...

I was telling Connie just the other day that I think your wedding dress is still my favorite of all time. Mine was crap. I threw it away last year (there were other reasons, I just wanted to get rid of it).