Friday, December 4, 2009


"You have made known to me the paths of life, you will make me full of gladness with your presence." Acts 2:28

I'm glad to have... a night at home!
... a Savior who loves me like I am!
... the most wonderful husband- I cannot get enough of him!
... two beautiful, healthy children!
... watched Alabama beat Auburn!
... a job- my class is full of angels!
... my church -they are like oxygen- I cannot live without them!
... my home- even without furniture in the front room, it is my
dream home!
... my parents- I love them so much! They have always been
there for me!
... friends to laugh with!
... only 10 more days of school til Christmas break! Yippee!
... family!

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Trace Car Driver said...

awww. sweet post. we do have a lot to be glad about :) love the pics. it was great seeing ya'll at mamaw's last week!