Friday, November 6, 2009

The Countdown Is On

Two weeks from today I'll be getting ready for a hot date with my sweetie!! He's gonna take me to see New Moon!!! I am so excited!! I know it will be great! Yes, I'm still a "little" obsessed with the whole Twilight Saga!! And it seems to keep getting worse!! These pics are just fueling the fire!! (you can see all of them at the Harper's Bazaar website) I absolutely love, love, love, this picture!! Have a great weekend!! Only 14 more days!!!


seabird said...

Wow, you really are counting it down aren't you:) I saw the first one..that is a very cute vampire;0)
I hope the second movie is good.

Trace Car Driver said...

nate is going to the midnight showing when it comes out next week. but i bet if you'd have him, he'd join you and clint on ya'lls date to see it again. HA!
i haven't sat down and watched the first one, i'm just not that into it. sorry :o) hope the next 2 weeks go by fast for you!!

hey, is it ya'lls year for thanksgiving at mamaw's???

seabird said...

Thank you for the encouraging comment on my blog:) I am sorry that you have had the same issues that I have had, uhg. Florida was more accepting of my situation. I am so excited about the Occupational Therapy program! I bet you would be good at that! I hope I get into the program in August! I think you would be REALLY good at photography or hairdressing:) My mom in law makes GOOD money doing that!
No matter what though, I know you are a wonderful teacher:0)