Friday, June 19, 2009

Bowling Pictures!

We have been bowling a couple of times and it has really been so much fun!! I think it is so much fun because of who we are with- Page, Jason, Delilah and Bret, all the kids- all we do is laugh and enjoy the kids!!! Francie had never been before and didn't exactly know what we were talking about- it didn't take very long for her to start bowling all by herself!! She gets so excited and cheers every time!! She bowled a 75 her first time!! (of course we have guards and a slide that help her!)

The boys invented a new way to bowl using teamwork!! I am just waiting on one of them to get a broken toe! They use the heaviest ball they can find and altogether send it down the lane!! They are very cute!! **Will is a natural at bowling- his first time he bowled a 120!! He came in second to Anna who bowled a 134!!!

Will and Francie have loved going to the "Bowling Party" each week!! And after this we have ventured going to Chick-fil-A for free dinner!! It is truly a fun, fun, fun, event!!!

I wish it could be SUMMER FOREVER!!!!!!!


Dollar General said...

ME TOO! And with a lisp I say..."I love summer!" HA!! I need to send you the pictures from yesterday...pretty funny and dramatic!

I'm so glad you took note of the scores...I didn't do that! I just know who won! And Bret and Delilah were merciless this time!

Trace Car Driver said...

great post... sounds like ya'll continue to have fun this summer!!

** OH YEAH... guess who's going to the red sox game in atlanta this sat?? yep, me and nate! (he got 2 FREE tix from a girl at his work!!!) wish there were 4 and ya'll could come too!! we'll be thinking about you and clint!

seabird said...

You guys make me want to go bowling:) It looks very fun! I haven't been in years!