Tuesday, April 22, 2008

History is replete with meaningful dates:

October 31, 1517
July 4, 1776
April 12, 1861
October 29, 1929
December 11, 1999
September 11, 2001

Well, you can add this date, April 22, 2008 to the list! It is on this day, friends, that the Cvacho's have created their own little corner of cyberspace to entertain, encourage, frighten, and/or bore you. With any luck, you can return to this spot and be filled with any of the above reactions. (With a minimum of the last one.) Don't be shy, make it a part of your daily habit like...oh, I don't know, breathing. You don't want to miss one second of the insanity going on daily in Cvacho World!

1 comment:

Trace Car Driver said...

yay for new blogging buddies! it's about time :) we need to get together soon, we miss ya'll!